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This is "Hitsu-mabushi".
"Hitsu" represents a box-shape bowl.
"mabushi" means mixing.
Tiny cut eels are mixed with rice.

This food is especially provided at Aichi prefecture in middle Japan.

The eel is sensitively grilled with special source.
The special source tastes salty-sweet.

If you have opportunity to visit Aichi including Nagoya,
I strongly recommend to try to eat "Hitsu-mabushi"!

Notice: it costs little bit expensive.

First post

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My name is Shinichi Nozawa.
I'm a graduate student in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

I will write my daily life and food in this blog.
My English skill is poor.
I want to practice my English by writing this blog.

The another purpose of this blog is to introduce Japanese foods.
I hope to conduct a lot of japanese food with pictures and movies to you.



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